The Medical Travel Ratings

Medical Travel Ratings

Look at medical travel ratings when looking for a qualified plastic surgeon to help you with a chemical peel, a nose job, liposuction or any other procedure you may need for one reason or another. You also want to be safe and secure with your purchase, so you should know where to find reviews, complaints, testimonials and medical ratings of physicians. If you are looking in Beverly Hills try the Dr Payman Simoni testimonials page. Along with the above, you may want to know a few more good spots for surgery. Let’s see if this article can help you out.

The Find A Surgeon web site

Find a surgeon for medical information ratings, and then gather the reviews, complaints and testimonials on the doctor.

Let’s start with credentials and certifications as you’ll be able to tell with these whether someone is a fraud or unqualified or someone who’s fit for the job. If someone is certified, it should be by a board like the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS)–approved by the American Board of Medical Specialties. If a doctor doesn’t have any medical travel ratings, you’re potentially putting yourself at risk for a botched procedure which could cause permanent damage because he or she won’t have the proper training to give you the care you deserve.

But how do you figure these out about a practitioner? Well, a professional will have no problems providing evidence of his qualifications if you ask them for it and you can ask for “before and after” pictures.Also he or she if certified can be found on the board’s website directory to confirm what he or she says if you want to extra sure.

The Health Grades web site

Health Grades and other rating websites can help with your medical travel ratings before surgery.

Along with being extra sure and avoiding buyer’s remorse, you might want to check out reviews, complaints, testimonials and medical ratings of the one in question. For the first three, you can use the doctor’s website or use sites like Yelp. For medical ratings, you can use sites like or You can find out past experience doing liposuction, a nose job, a chemical peel, etc; and that’s quite helpful in finding out if they can assist you with your specific problem.

In order to stress how vital it is for you to vet your doctor, I recommend typing “botched plastic surgery” and you’ll see the deadly consequences of “bargain shopping.” A lot of these horror stories are due to uncertified practitioners so look him or her up on

Now that we’ve the PSA out of the way, let’s discuss where you should have your operation and probably very sensitive recovery. This could affect your wallet, mood and social life, so it’s a good idea to do your homework.

To start off, some of us can get embarrassed to be in recovery near family and friends so a vacation may be in order to get your operation done. After all, the results won’t be clear for days or even weeks, and it’s very common to be depressed after your surgery for a couple weeks due to slow results and lack of exercise.

Another reason people go to a different state or out of the country is the allure of packages for plastic surgery where physicians will discount the procedure, hotel rooms and some other expenses; however, you have to inquire to find out what exactly is covered or deducted because these packages aren’t uniform. These deals could be useful if you wish to see a top-notch surgeon who’s otherwise unavailable, there aren’t as many practitioners in rural areas.

Sea air, hot weather or mountain views are another positive of traveling to have work done. Some even report that perspiration and hot weather assist in their recuperation while some need a cool sight when they’re bedridden. Small issues, compared to everything else, like climate can be a surprisingly big deal.

Before you pack your bags though, I should warn you of a few negatives which may pop up. For one, there are some countries like Mexico which have more lax standards so there’s a greater risk involved plus it’s harder to be in contact with the doctor before your trip meaning more uncertainty. Keep this in mind before choosing where to go.

Well, that wraps it up. I hope this article informed you of what you can do to get the best results from plastic surgery. Get your Medical Travel Ratings and review information together ahead of time and be safe.

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